Affiliate Terms

What is the Nuteez Affiliate Program?

Earn money without actually selling anything but just by sharing the link and promoting the brand. Promote Nuteez products on your website, blog, social media or any online location and If a customer buys one of our products by clicking through your link, YOU receive commission.


Other than the fact that our quirky, fun and colorful designs has set a whole new standard to the industry, we really don’t need another reason do we?

Nuteez was established in 2011 with the simple vision to change the standard of sleep wear and its association to fashion. We focus on high quality colorful, fashionable and quirky sleep wear at an affordable price. Nuteez offers a win interesting range of sleep wear products, with the most recent trends for women, men and kids.

Also, Made in India… do you need more reasons?

Terms and Conditions:

Nuteez holds the right to make amendments/modifications or changes to the affiliate commission rates, at any time without prior notice, including but not limited to:

· Exclude certain products from earning affiliate member commissions.

· Increase or Decrease the commission rate on any specific product or category.

· We may also run special / limited-time offers or promotions under which you may earn commission rates on products/categories that were previously excluded from earning commissions, or you may earn increased/decreased affiliate commission rates from those set forth above.